Lior in NY

Praying With LiorIf you’re going to be up in NYC this weekend be sure to head over to the Cinema Village on E. 12th Street and buy a ticket to see the WJFF Audience Award-winning documentary Praying With Lior.  We’d love to see the film get a commercial run in DC, but that won’t happen without a decent first weekend in the Big Apple. It truly is a one-of-a-kind film about an amazing young man, not just living with Downs Syndrome, but inspiring others through the way he lives his life and the manner in which he connects with G-d. As director Ilana Trachtman pointed out at her screening in December, the film industry can get reductive, so the film risks being summarized as, “Downs Syndrome Bar  Mitzvah.” But in truth the film is so much more than that, and they’re counting on a considerable grass-roots movement to help spread the word. Trust me. See the film and you’ll want to be part of that movement.

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