Shabbat Surfing: Har-Har, Hair Hair, Hare Hare…and Gay Adoption

Gene Weingarten, resident humorist of the Washington Post seeks out the ghosts of American fascism at the Java Shack, while comedian Jared Stern, guest blogging on Arjewtino tells of life as a lonely Jewish stand-up comic in DC.

Speaking of funny, Meir Soloveichik asks in CommentaryWhy do Jews have beards?” And why does it matter?

Jewschool’s “Feygele” reports on the recent ruling in Israel that gay and lesbian couples can adopt children with whom they have no biological relation. This follows a 2005 ruling that allowed gay and lesbian couples to adopt each other’s biological children. However, an article in the Washington Jewish Week about a local Israeli couple residing in Takoma Park reveals that implementation of these expanded rights for gays and lesbians can be long delayed. In the case of this lesbian couple, they have been waiting since Israel’s Supreme court ruled in their favor in 2000 for the Ministry of the Interior to formally recognize one partner’s adoption of the other’s biological children on their identity cards.

Meanwhile, from the same folks who brought you Mickey Mouse on Jihad comes the scariest rabbit I’ve seen since Donnie Darko.

Hungry Hamas BunnyDonnie and Frank are afraid. Very afraid.

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