Spend Tuesday night with Sabrina

Ari Roth writes on the Theater J blog:

But the main reason for my waxing ecstatic is the performance last night of Swiss film and stage star, Grazziella Rossi, in the duet for actress and saxophone, the monodrama SABINA SPIELREIN, running for one more night — tonight — at Theater J. 

Check out this amazing clip, in German, to begin to appreciate the intelligent beauty of this performer, who is launching the world premiere of the English-language touring production of this riveting and informing play.

Spielrein is one of those fascinating historical characters who has been popping-up in movies and plays increasingly over the past five years. The WJFF screened a documentary about her life a few years back and a feature film which I didn’t think much of, also played the Festival circuit around the same time. She is one of those figures who is fascinating for the unique historical moment they shared with others, and for the thrill we receive from re-discovering their contributions.

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