In Case You Missed It: Shalom Hanoch at Lisner Auditorium

Tali Chitaiad, the 16th Street J’s director of Literature, Music and Dance reports on Tuesday night’s concert: 

Shalom HanochIt was 65 degrees. It was pouring outside. The wind was gusty. And inside—Shalom Hanoch was singing. Rocking. Exciting the audience and enjoying himself. It was one of those elevating performances where you leave thinking how fortunate artists are to be able to create and perform and move their listeners. And how fortunate were we, his audience.

Shalom Hanoch is really one of the forefathers of Israeli rock. His music and lyrics, his performance, and especially his diligent search for new boundaries have been defining Israeli Music since the ’60s.

Tuesday night at Lisner Auditorium, Shalom Hanoch swept everyone away with his lyrical songs and got everyone on their feet with his rock and bluesy songs. He rocked the house together with four fabulous musicians: Moshe Levy on keyboards and guitar; Roni Peterson on guitar; Ziv Harpaz on bass; and Asher Fadi on drums. Hanoch performed songs from different periods of his career including Against the Wind, Maya, Man Lives Within Himself, White Wedding, On the Face of the Earth, Waiting for the Messiah, In this Life Time, and more.

Maintaining his amazing performing skills, youthful voice, and sweeping energy, Shalom excited the audience throughout the entire evening. He is an incredible performer and a humble human being—a unique combination for an artist of his stature.

Here was, once again, a celebration of Israel’s vibrant music scene. A celebration of this maverick Shalom Hanoch who, for decades, developed his unique Israeli voice and style, incorporating different genres (ballads, rock, blues) and making them his own. In doing so he laid the foundation for Israeli rock and changed the face of the Israeli music scene. Don’t miss him while he is in the States (March 8, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA)

To see a video of Shalom Hanoch click here (Windows Media Player required)

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