Opening Night of The Price at Theater J

Ari Roth posts from his curtain speech at the Theater J Blog:

In one of his most famous essays, TRAGEDY AND THE COMMON MAN, written almost 60 years ago, Arthur Miller wrote, “It is time, I think, that we who are without kings, took up this bright thread of our history—that the plays we tend to revere century after century, are the tragedies. In them, and in them alone, lies the optimistic belief in the perfectibility of man—and that we follow that thread to the only place it can lead in our time – to the heart and spirit of the average man.”

We are reminded by events on this day that we live in a time without kings. Even the people who remind us of this, our Great Authors and celebrity noble man, are not without their own contradictions, hypocrisies. The art and the life of Arthur Miller make us aware of this profound truth; that we can be wise and full of achievement
Even as we betray that achievement.
“We invent ourselves to wipe out what we know,” a character will tell us tonight in The Price. Has there ever been a wiser, more prophetic line, about America? Or about ourselves?

Let us not be in denial about what we appreciate most tonight: the giants amongst us; the fabulous human beings. We begin with our author, and welcome him back; welcome him home, to one of many places where he will forever belong. And to the family at the center of this drama and this production, the Proskys, welcome back to DC and welcome to your new home at Theater J.

He’s got a great post about the Opening Night, and as someone who was there, it was truly an electric evening.

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  1. I attended the Tuesday night performance of The Price and this production is a MUST SEE! I see many productions locally, in NYC and Philadelphia, but this production moved me so much, that I will return again and again to see it during the run. It’s that good!

    I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and almost saw the production there. I didn’t see it there because I knew that the intimacy of the Goldman Theatre would lend more power to the production.

    Thankfully, I waited to see it here in the Goldman, and I am so glad I did! It was an evening I will never forget.
    On the stage is an ensemble made in heaven.

    And what can you say about Robert Prosky? Every young actor should come see his performance. They could learn much from watching the master at work.

    Next Wednesday, I will have the honor of podcasting/interviewing the remarkable cast of The Price. How lucky am I! I hope you will listen to these podcasts/interviews on DC Theatre

    And buy your tickets now. They will be very hard to get.
    They are well worth The Price.

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