A Brief Interview with Max Brooks, Zombie Expert

Max Brooks, Zombie ExpertQ: Since the release of your books, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and The Zombie Survival Guide have you seen a greater public awareness of the zombie threat? In other words, how goes the struggle?
A: Very good, but never good enough. If you can’t save everyone, you’ve saved no one.

Q: How does a nice Jewish boy become a zombie expert?
A: I think the answer lies in the question. Protecting yourself from zombies means always worrying that something will go wrong. Oy!

Q: Over the past seven years we’ve all stocked-up on plastic sheeting, bottled water and flashlight batteries for our “emergency kits.” What’s in your emergency kit?
A: Dry socks, multivitamins, a water purification pump… and NO duct tape!

Q: A rabbinical question: If my grandma became infected by the zombie virus, should we or should we not sit shiva? Isn’t she really undead? At what point is it safe to order the deli trays?
A: Depends how much you like your grandma.

Q: Your books really freaked me out. I seriously considered buying a gun and I’m a total bleeding heart liberal. Do you get that reaction a lot?
A: Red states love me.

Q: Your IMDB bio says you went to film school at American University. How did that prepare you for your current career?
A: To never expect help from the authorities.

Q: When people come to see your lecture what can they expect to take away from the evening?
A: Solid, practical, life saving advice for the coming zombie war!

Max Brooks will be lecturing at the 16th Street J on Monday, March 24 at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased online.

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