If You’re Coming to See Regina Spektor or Anything Else at Israel@60 on the National Mall

Then stop by the Washington DCJCC’s Israeli Culture Pavillion (tent #3 on your map). The schedule of events includes:

12:15–Israeli Literature in Translation (read by Joel Snyder)

  • “At The Outset of the Day” by S.Y. Agnon
  • “An Autobiographical Note” by Amos Oz
  • excerpt from “The Lover” by A.B. Yehoshua

12:45–Short Films from the Best of the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem (Program Aleph)

  • Personal Goals by Ran Carmeli
  • Home by David Ofek
  • The Substitute by Talya Lavie

1:45–Hebrew Poetry in Translation (read by David Bryan Jackson and Caren Anton)

  • Hayim Bialik
  • Saul Tchernikhovsky
  • Rachel
  • Uri Zvi Greenberg
  • Esther Raab
  • Abraham Shlonsky
  • Natan Alterman
  • Leah Goldberg
  • Zelda
  • Yehuda Amichai
  • Hayim Gouri
  • Dan Pagis
  • Natan Zach
  • Dalia Ravikovitch
  • Hayim Be’er
  • Sami Shalom Cheetrit
  • Maya Bejerano
  • Agi Mishol

2:15–Contemporary Israeli Fiction (read by Caren Anton and David Bryan Jackson)

  • excerpt from “The Book of Intimate Grammar” by David Grossman
  • “Ummi Fi Shurl” by Orly Castel-Bloom
  • “Surprise Egg” by Etgar Keret
  • “Apples from the Desert” by Savyon Liebrecht

2:45–Shira B’Tzibur (Israeli Sing-A-Long) with Sally Hacelman

3:45–Short Films from the Best of the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem (Program Bet)

  • A Different War by Nadav Gal
  • Sea Horses by Nir Bergman
  • Sliding Flora by Talya Lavie
  • Minus Plus by Shahar Cohen

All that plus non-stop Israeli folk dancing (actually, not true. there will be a break while Mashina rocks-out), Mandy Patinkin, Regina Spektor, Moshe Oofnik and so much more… what are you doing today?

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