Unsolved Mysteries in the District

Since Chandra Levy’s murder the number of unsolved homicides in the District by year according to the MPD*:

2002- 31

2003- 27

2004- 93

2005- 87

2006- 96

2007- 104

2008- 40 (as of today)

I’m not going to question the wisdom, taste or desperate need to sell newspapers that went into the Post’s decision to trod slowly through one family’s tragedy and the rest of the nation’s pre-9/11 freakshow.  I’ll just rest assured the 12-part Washington Post investigative series for each and every one of the other 478 unsolved homicides is in the planning stages.

*Don’t know if these are official numbers or how often MPD updates their website, or if (and I pray this is the case) a homicide is not officially “solved” until there is a conviction.

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