Shabbat Surfing: Bikers Beware

  • Jeffrey Goldberg calls Obama a wimp for skipping the obligatory 4am ascent of Masada (Jeffrey should have also pointed out that at that hour, Obama probably would have been hiking with the children of the very voters he was trying to sway with this trip).
  • Many tributes this week to Estelle Getty. My favorite comes from Mr. Q at Q Street News. It reminds you why the Golden Girls really did rule.
  • Hannah Farber has a longish post on Jspot about the dearth of female CEOs at Jewish Organizations. She’s right, but I do want to point out, that the 16th Street J’s CEO, Arna Meyer Mickelson has been at the helm for 21 years, and that currently two out of three JCC execs in the Washington region are women. Unfortunately, they are the exceptions that prove the rule.
  • Oh, and if you bike to the J from points north or on one-way streets, beware!
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