War in Georgia — Jewish Communities in the Crossfire

From YNet News:

At least 200 Jewish residents living near the ongoing Georgian-Russian hostilities have been evacuated by the Jewish Agency to the capital city of Tbilisi. Most from Gori.

The Dovershvili family was among those evacuated by the Agency from Gori to Tbilisi. “Our town is under constant bombardment,” Shalva Dovershvili told Ynet. “People are scared to go out into the streets, everything is closed. You can’t even get bread. People are panicking and there are many wounded. When we wanted to leave we couldn’t find a car to take us, because everyone is scared to drive.”

Mansharov said the majority of those who have not fled are adult men who chose to stay behind and protect their homes and property. “I sent my wife, my two children and my mother-in-law away, but I will stay here until the last Jew leaves,” Mansharov said. “Things here are bad, there are many wounded and killed, but even though I am a doctor I’m not in the hospital right now, because we’re trying to get all the Jews out. I gave all of them the number of the Jewish Agency, so they could reach them for help.”

According to the Agency, there are currently 12,000 Jews in Georgia, most of whom live in the capital. It also said there are still four Jewish families in South Ossetia that no one has been able to contact as of yet.

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