Shabbat Surfing–Remember when Jeffrey Goldblum and Will Smith saved the world?

A lot of the Jewish blogosphere has gone ga-ga for Jason Lezak, and to a lesser extent his MOT teammate Garrett Weber-Gale after their amazing swim in the 4×100 relay. Observe:

Jeffery Goldberg tipped me off to perhaps the greatest headline since Independence Day was in movie theaters: “Two Jews and a Black Man Help Phelps Fulfill His Olympic Dream.”

Rachel Shukert wonders on Jewcy why Jews seem to be all over Olympic swimming. Her answer is classic, “Jews are good at swimming for the same reason I used to be good at giving hand jobs. Camp.”

Meredith Kesner Lewis at Mixed Multitudes claims to be rooting for the Red, White and Blue regardless of religion during the Olympics, but wonders, “Were Judaism to come up with a way to harness this power of peoplehood and pride that comes out during the Olympics, could we solve our continuity issues?”

Finally, the JTA has been all over the Beijing Olympics like, well, white on rice. If an Israeli or a Jew so much as sneezes near a medal stand, they’ll let you know about it.

In non-Olympics related surfing: Chaim Watzman comes up with a solution to the high-cost of Jewish living–move to Israel. None of the news coming out of Georgia is good, and Moment magazine’s new blog laid-out how it gets even worse for Israel.

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