Shabbat Surfing: Veep-A-Licious Suspense

Well, we’re hours from Shabbat and still no Vice-Presidential nominee from the Obama camp. This of course, disrupts my posting plans for today in which I expected to be all over surfing tips on the Presidential shidduch. Oh well. Maybe if I take enough time writing this post something will happen. Just hoping that whoever is advising Obama on the Jewish vote has told him to get the word out before candle-lighting time.

Some non-veep links…

Jenny blogs at about the obstacles facing single, adult Jews in the contemporary synagogue, “God doesn’t look at me as a lesser Jew just because I am single with no children of my own. What our temples may not realize is that single, committed Jews provide a valuable example to the next generation on what it means to find meaning in Judaism in a society that doesn’t always outwardly value religious commitment that isn’t tied to marriage and family.”

We missed this post a few weeks ago that slams a new book in which Jewish identity is as shallow and attractive as cheap bling. (Full disclosure, the writer used to be on-staff at the J).

I may not know who the VP is yet, but I do know who the Convention Rabbis are.

I’m an adult, so I’m not all that into comic books. But, uh, if I were–and I repeat, I’m not–I would be intrigued by this.

Well, I’m getting tired of hitting “refresh” on, and; so we’ll wrap-up here.

Shabbat Shalom.

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  1. I am a freely admitted comic book grrl — and especially the x-men. However, I’m not a big enough geek to be up on the newest stuff — so thanks for pointing out the new Magneto book!

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