What is Light Anyway?

In “light” of the fact that the new year has begun, I have a question about the Biblical creation story.

How could God have created “light” on the first day if the sun was created on the 4th day?

Perhaps the light here is not a physical light but rather the light of curiosity, intelligence or awareness. Perhaps what God created on the first day was the power to ask a question in the first place.

How timely that the J is beginning it’s next round of Introduction to Judaism classes right at this time of year. This class is not a “how to” or a top down explanation of the Jewish faith. Rather it focuses on the “whys” of Jewish religion, philosohy, and practice – and fosters an environment guided by and committed to questions.

In this season of beginnings, join us to explore some the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Perhaps you may shed some light on your own knowledge and relationship to Judaism.

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