Express Yourself: New Limited Stop 16th Street Bus Coming

There was an exciting post on GreaterGreaterWashington yesterday about a proposed limited-stop 16th Street bus that would speed the trip of those coming to the 16th Street J from points north. The finance committee of the Metro Board is considering the addition today and if the full board approves, service could begin on March 29. This is good news and as someone who has taken that S-bus before I’ve often wished there were some way to speed the journey.  I’m curious to know how many people out there, besides staff, regularly come to the J via Metrobus?

I only have one suggestion. The proposed new line will operate under the designation “S9.” Which is fine, although there has been some grousing about Metro’s seeming aversion to employing consecutive numbers to designate bus routes. My attitude is that as long as they’re not going to be consecutive, that Metro only went half-way. Everyone in the Jewish community knows that 9 is only half of chai — or 18.  If this new Express bus is to have a full life it should be the S18.

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