Last Thing I’m Gonna Say About JTA’s List of Influential Jewish Orgs on Twitter…

and then I’m gonna shutup.

Not to beat a dead horse, and the folks at JTA who made the list have already graciously copped to overlooking us, but below is an illustration of why lists are silly. On top is our Twitalyzer score (Twitalyzer was the main tool used by JTA to determine their rankings) and below that is one of the Jewish organizations that (unlike us) made the list.


That said you should already being following us on Twitter. Really. We’re full of “personality without smarmy stupidity.”

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  1. You might be ready to move past this, but I’m not sure I am! Can we start our own list of reasons why this JTA list was silly? Find me @RabbiBaum or on! Shoulda-been-listed-by-JTA-ers Unite! Okay, I’m over it now. Really.

  2. Yeah, I was #49 on the list of individuals, to my surprise. (And to the surprise of a ton of other people, no doubt, all of whom had probably never heard of me before.) When I recently put my info into the Twitalyzer, I got results very similar to what you posted here. It’s definitely a head-scratcher.

    That being said, I think the list could have been spun differently: as a list of interesting or influential Twitterers, or as a personal blogroll (Twitterroll? Sounds like a pill) of sorts from the contributor. Otherwise, the data collection and analysis tools used should have been stronger.

    Anyway, I also just wanted to say, I love your tweets. They’re great. Makes me wish I lived in DC so I could go to your JCC!

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