At the Washington DCJCC we’re bike friendly

Looking for a community organization in DC that is bike friendly? Look no further my friend.

From the CommuterPageBlog:

Last night I biked to the DC Jewish Community Center (JCC) for a volleyball league match. Upon arriving at their plentiful bike parking, I found that I had left my bike lock at home. What to do? A return trip home to pick up the lock and come back would have made me late for the night’s match as well as a bit tired from racing. I explained my predicament to the parking attendant who was walking by and he notified me that the Center has bike locks at the front desk for this. I ran inside to borrow a lock and learned they have not one, but four locks. Me and my closest three friends could have biked here and left our locks at home.

As a cyclist I’d never heard of an organization having extra locks for this situation. More organizations following the JCC’s lead would encourage cycling and create a more bike-friendly town. Kudos to the JCC. (You can read the full post here).

Thank you, Paul DiMaio of BikeArlington for noticing what we’re doing to encourage people to bike (as well as walk, take mass transit and ride-share) to the Washington DCJCC.

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