DC is Going to EGOT; Got Protection?


DC is going for the meteorological equivalent of the EGOT this weekend.

Tracy Jordan thinks we should go for the floods


Or EHFD, if you will.

I think we get extra points for doing it all in one month, right?

We hit the drought two weeks ago and the earthquake yesterday. Hurricane Irene will hit this weekend, and the flood warnings have already started.

While I’m terribly proud of us for getting EHFD this month, it does leave us open to plenty of conjecture about why this is happening to DC. (And also makes us the likely first course in a zombie apocalypse, but that’s the least of our worries right now.)

It’s been suggested that the earth shook yesterday because parties in Congress agreed on something, but that’s obviously insane; everyone knows Congress goes home in August. Otherwise, plausible.

The gays have been blamed. Of course. Certainly who you do “dinner and a movie” with should be enough to hold dominion over all meteorological and tectonic forces.

The other possibility is that we thought New York might get EHFD before us.

Still, we’re planning for multiple programs this weekend: some do-goodery, and fun times. Perhaps this isn’t an award we want to win…


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