THIS WEEK WE started a new school year

Keeping an ear out around the school, this is what we’ve heard:

“I want it to be morning, so I can go back to school.”  (D, 3 years old, Yanshoofim class)

The teachers have been working with their students to create a set of classroom rules.  Some of the class rules written by the Bogrim (PreK):

  1. No drawing on girls (E)
  2. Only ice skate on ice (I)
  3. No drawing on boys (J)
Kochavim class playing in the sensory table

Trying out new learning centers in a new class

In the Kochavim (older 3s), the teachers wanted to have a discussion with their class about clean up times. They used Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat to provoke a discussion about how a messy house made them and their families feel. When asked how their parents would react if they came home to such a messy house, here’s what the Kochavim children said their parents would say:


  • M:  “Ay, yi, yi”
  • S:  “NO, NO, NO!”
  • E:  “Oh no!”

In the Peelim (the PreK-4 class), hurricanes were a big topic of discussion during Morning Meeting:

  • B:  Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. And the electricity wasn’t working.
  • J:  Daddy and me we go to a hurricane zone and there was a big tree, and it hit a big house.
  • O:  I heard the rain when I was sleeping. All the people were in the supermarket.

In the Bogrim (PreK), some of the friends talked about a child who is going to a different school this year. They missed him and so the teachers encouraged them to channel their emotions into their art:

  •  J:  “This is a little moon and this is a big moon. This is a flower pot on dirt. This is the grass. This is Ben. He’s in the yard taking pictures of the flowers.”
  • E:  “This is hand Ben, flower Ben, necklace Ben, dirt Ben, Capitol Building Ben, dot Ben, and eyebrow Ben.”
  • E:  “Ben is walking to Whole Foods with his momma so Ben doesn’t get lost. This is the grass. You need to cut the grass.”
  • A:  “I made Cheerio Ben. Then I made hands. He’s with his mom. They’re going to the grocery store. I drew a B for Ben.”
Playing at the park during the first week of school

Playing at the park during the first week of school

Documenting the children’s learning and ideas is an important part of our Reggio-inspired curriculum.  Doing so builds confidence, pre-literacy and communication skills.  The children’s conversations are also a data source for the teachers. The teachers dissect these conversations to discover themes for potential class or small group investigations. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to hear what they’re thinking!

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