Shabbat Surfing: Labor Day–Good for the Jews?

Labor Day weekend, the last breath of summer, is finally upon us.

While I’m as guilty as anyone of ignoring the importance of the day and focusing on the sales,  Labor Day really should resonate with everyone. We all work so hard every day, and we’ve all benefited from the strides made in the last century to support and protect us.

This weekend–while you enjoy a break from your labor–stop to appreciate how far we’ve come, and consider how we can make things even better.

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. […] Labor Day—Good for the Jews : Lili Kalish Gersch links to a number of pages that “link” Judaism and Labor Day.  Each of the links makes me twitch a little bit—we’ll see if I have time to write some rejoinders this week. […]

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