Shabbat Surfing: Jewish Podcasts

The rain this week has taken the normally unpleasant DC commute to a new low.

So what to do when you’re stuck in traffic, sitting forever on the train platform, or just slogging through the wet city streets?

Personally, I love listening to podcasts. They take me away from whatever I’m doing (commuting, washing dishes, doing laundry) and transport me completely. I become absorbed in amazing stories, learn new things, and just generally make myself a more interesting human being.

Here are some Jewish podcasts you won’t want to miss:

-Our own Authors Out Loud podcasts feature J favorites like Andre Aciman, Lucette Lagnado and Allegra Goodman.

-The 92nd Street Y podcasts are the mother lode. Their poetry archives are particularly amazing.

Vox Tablet, the podcast of Tablet Magazine, never fails to entertain and enlighten.

The Israel Hour keeps me dancing with the newest (and the oldest) Israeli pop sensations.

-Finally, iTunes has a giant directory of Jewish-related podcasts. Wade through and discover something wonderful.

Shabbat Shalom!

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