Shabbat Surfing: A Hard Day’s Shabbat*

After the chaggim, we’re all getting back to the normal swing of things – like working all the way through Friday for the first time in weeks.

Of course Shabbat is its own reward, but a little pop culture goes a long way to soothe…

  • Paul McCartney is apparently becoming a member of the tribe, Heeb tells us. So now you can listen to your old albums and swoon over our new nice Jewish boy.
  • Tablet gives us video games where we can kill Hitler, and ease some revenge fantasies.
  • Tweak your image like Barbie by getting some new ink. Kosher Salt has the details.
  • If you’re interested in something other than baseball right now, check out Gather the Jews and the storied Jewish history with boxing.

*Alternate titles of this post-
Shabbat Surfing: Eleanor Rabinowitz
Shabbat Surfing: Hey Jew
Shabbat Surfing: I Wanna Be Your Manischewitz

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