A Day in the Life of Arts Staff

This morning, Lili – aka Director of Literary, Music & Dance Programs – was doing a bit of office cleaning.

Or rather, she saw posters taking over her office. Large ones. On foam board. And they had multiplied.

The posters thanked the donors and sponsors from previous literary and music festivals, after which, they took up residence along a back wall, until they could no longer fit there.

And today, Lili decided it was time for them to go.

Now, I admit I’m probably more nostalgic than is wise with my magpie tendencies. “How can you get rid of them?! They’re your festivals!”

“No, actually they’re just posters.”

Granted, we have photos, podcasts, articles – plenty of other things by which to remember these festivals. Still, discarding something that was once handled as a valuable and important object seems a little sad to me.

So I insisted on this photo.

And then I took two of the posters back to my own office.


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  1. I suggest you frame posters and put them in the Jewish Literary Festival Hall of Fame — Just like the do in Cooperstown for baseball heroes at the Baseball Hall of Fame!

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