Review + Sales Update: Steadier Than The Stock Market (and we’re entertaining the homeless)

After 8 raves in a row, including this in The Washington City Paper, it’s a pleasure to report that total critical consensus and excellent word-of-mouth are bringing us major upticks in sales since the weekend.  Suffice to say we had a couple slowish/sluggish days with only the Post review setting the table, but now everyone’s piling on, and our company is getting the rapt audience they deserve every night.  Wednesday was a double-bill.  140 for a 12 pm matinee.  Felt good about that, including guests from Miriam’s Kitchen, a local soup kitchen in Foggy Bottom.

There were about 15 of Miriam’s Kitchen’s guests for the matinee, as well as some of their  board members and chaperones. Grace, our marketing and communications director who’s doing beautiful volunteer work over there,  got to chat with some of the guests afterward, and they, reportedly, loved the play. For one of the regular guests, it was his first time at a play, and, Grace reports, he was openly crying. Another regular came up to Grace and told her that seeing Maggie struggle with her drug addiction was really moving to him, and he wished that more people at Miriam’s Kitchen, who are grappling with similar problems, would see it.

On November 16th members from our company will join Grace at Miriam’s Kitchen to do a post-show-talkback and acting workshop. For Imagining Madoff, Rick Foucheux came with Grace, and they had a great time. It meant so much to the Miriam’s Kitchen guests to be visited by a “the star of the play”  and, Grace reports, they were full of questions and insights.

All in all, some good news, for our city, our theater, our souls…

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