Shabbat Surfing: Hey Hey They’re at the GA

Early this week Denver, Colorado hosted the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly.

“The premier North American Jewish communal event, the GA inspires and engages current & emerging Jewish leaders and tackles vital issues.”

Or so they say. I’ve never been to the GA, but I’ve always wondered what goes on. Is it a bunch of self-congratulation? Communal hand-wringing? Choirs preaching to each other? Or, as they say, the premier communal event? In which case I want in!

  • Former DCJCC staffer Margalit tells it like it is
  • Wunderkind Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Elie Kaunfer inspires: Our Real Birthright is Torah
  • Videos give us a glimpse: VIPs include Ambassador Michael Oren and Start-Up Nation author Dan Senor
  • What did the twitterverse have to say? Check out #jfnaga. But seriously…why were these people tweeting to each other when they were at the same conference? So much for connectivity.

Shabbat Shalom!

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