Rafael Goldchain Looks Like He Stepped Out Of A Eugeen Van Mieghem Painting…

This past week was Fotoweek DC which celebrated photography both locally and internationally. As part of the exhibition in the main Fotoweek headquarters on 18th and L, there was a great section of books featured. One of these books was photographer Rafael Goldchain’s I Am My Family: Photographic Memories and Fictions. After becoming a parent, Goldchain began to look at the role that photo albums play in the history of a family. Seeing how much of his family (and the photographic evidence of their existence) were lost in the Holocaust and later through emigration to South America, Goldchain decided to create a series of family portraits in which he became members of his family.

Though the book came out in 2008, it still feels relevant at the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, especially since our current show, One Foot in America: The Work of Eugeen Van Mieghem, has to do with the image-based evidence of Jews emigrating to different countries. Though the time periods are different, Goldchain, when he is dressed like his great great grandparents, looks a lot like some of the men and women depicted in Van Mieghem’s paintings.

Check out a few images from I Am My Family after the jump:

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