Monday Media: Dara Horn on Varian Fry

In her new Kindle Single, novelist Dara Horn (a Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival alum) explores the fascinating story of Varian Fry, who saved over 2,000 European Jewish intellectuals from the Nazis. Dara discusses Fry’s mission with Vox Tablet. Was he a brave rescuer, or was he  practicing his own brand of eugenics (or both)? Listen to the podcast here and read a sample of the Kindle Single here.

Varian Fry

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  1. You have written a provocative introduction to the story as written by Dara Horn. Fortunately the facts argue completely on the side of Varian Fry as a brave and selfless rescuer. Varian Fry detested the Nazis and all they stood for. He deplored the obstructions and restrictions placed upon him by the American government and railed against circumstances that were well beyond his control. He worked tirelessly, cleverly, and compassionately to have maximum impact – saving precious lives and supporting many nameless refugees that he could not possibly get out of Fortress Europe with the limited resources he could muster. We owe him our gratitude and respect.

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