Restaurant Review: Peelim Café


Taking orders from customers in the Gamalim class

The Peelim (“elephants”) class recently opened a café in the Preschool Lobby.  Their menu was initially to serve cupcakes, cakes, brownies, chocolate milk, fruit, and possibly sandwiches (the owners could not come to a consensus).  Imagine this reviewer’s pleasant surprise when the menu showed a wider range of culinary options.

Entering the Peelim Café, one is immediately struck by the ambience they’ve created.  It’s cozy, with intimate tables set for three, covered in fabric tablecloths—no rolls of butcher paper for this restaurant!  The eager staff was all too willing to serve the dishes they’d baked, prepared or sliced:





Serving Brownies

Serving brownies that the Gamalim customers ordered

In addition to the menu board, they had charmingly hand-decorated menus.  The servers are quick to offer suggestions as well as seconds on all items.  The chips and salsa are quality, the grapes nicely sliced for neat bites and the brownies were moist and richly chocolatey.

If you’re in the mood for an eclectic afternoon snack in a warm atmosphere, we highly recommend the Peelim Café.  Now open some weekdays after nap in the Preschool Lobby while the Peelim class of four-year olds continues their Restaurant Project.

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