Srugim is Back Next Tuesday!

From the Desk of Susan Barocas, Director of the Washington Jewish Film Festival and WJFF Year-Round

With seven films on the WJFF Year-Round schedule just in March, there’s so much good stuff to see. But one of the most anticipated arrives next Tuesday, March 20, when we present the first three episodes of Season 3 of Srugim. I feel like I should put exclamation points after the title as in Srugim!!!! just because the program generates so much excitement both here and in Israel. AND, if what will be on-screen here at the DJCCC that evening starting at 7:30 isn’t enough, we will have with us a very special guest–the totally talented (and adorable) Amos Tamam who plays “Amir,” Yifat’s husband. I can’t wait to sit and talk with Amos and the audience after the lights come up. The long-suffering quiet type who once just wanted to be a teacher and good husband, Amos’ character Amir is undergoing some transformations in this last season of the series often called the Israeli “Friends.” In fact, from what I have seen, all of the characters are in for ch-ch-ch-changes! But that’s all I’m saying about the story lines for now….

I absolutely love this series! Not only are there compelling characters and engaging stories, but the series is a window onto a world about which I know little–Jerusalem’s young adult Modern Orthodox community. During this time of misunderstanding and mistrust between various communities of Jews with different observance levels, the series has broken down borders in Israeli society by depicting this sub-culture in an accessible, entertaining form. And I believe those of us in the US and around the world who see this series increase our own understanding and, therefore, tolerance. What could be better–enlightening entertainment that makes a difference!

Tickets ($11 general admission, $10 members/seniors/students) are here
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