Isn’t it warm? Isn’t it rosy? 5 By 5….

Grace here.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, partially because I’ve been reading the exciting scripts submitted by local playwrights for this season’s 5×5, Playwrights Respond. This time, the playwrights were responding to Theater J’s production of The Whipping Man by writing their own five minute ‘Scenes of Liberation’ dealing with issues of freedom, oppression, and race relations.

This  Sunday, May 20th at 5:00, a group of  wonderful DC-based actors including Monty Cones, Natalie Cruz, Jim Epstein, Elizabeth Heir,  Shaun Johnson,  Martha Karl and TD Smith will do staged readings of the following five submissions:

Contrabands In the Desert by Victoria Mares

Picking up where The Whipping Man left off, John and Caleb journey north, attempting to put their lives back together and reconnect with those they’ve lost.


Lake Titicaca by Kitty Felde

In the tense period of unrest following the ’92 Rodney King trial, a car accident between two women turns into a meaningful connection.


Row H Seat 9 by Drew Courtney

President Abraham Lincoln reminisces about the haunting moment he met The Whipping Man’s protagonist Simon in the streets of Richmond, Virginia.


The Fair Face of Freedom by Greta Ehrig

A victory parade for the Union Army prompts a heartbreaking confrontation between Floyd Banner, a freed slave and veteran, and his devoted wife.


Evolutionary Haggaddah by Ron Kampeas

The unconventional seder in The Whipping Man inspires another quirky Passover celebration, as a council of rabbis commemorate the exodus from Egypt and The Partridge Family.

Admission is Free! Like you and me!  Hope to see you Sunday…

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