Shabbat Surfing: Telegraph Avenue in Review

A new Michael Chabon book means a whole lot of critical ink being spilled. We’ve gathered several of the more noteworthy reviews of Telegraph Avenue below.

“Mr. Chabon has constructed an amazingly rich, emotionally detailed story that addresses his perennial themes — about fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and the consolations of art — while reaching outward to explore the relationship between time past and time present.”The New York Times

“Witty and compassionate and full of more linguistic derring-do than any other writer in America could carry off.”The Washington Post

Telegraph Avenue is so exuberant, it’s as if Michael Chabon has pulled joy from the air and squeezed it into the shape of words.”The Los Angeles Times

“Much of the wit in Telegraph Avenue inheres in Chabon’s astonishing prose… the offhand brilliance that happens everywhere: a woman’s sun-tanned shins ‘shining like bells in a horn section.’ Titus’s memories, ‘a scatter of images caught like butterflies in the grille of his mind.’ “The New York times Sunday Book Review

Telegraph Avenue is now available for pre-order. It publishes next Tuesday.  Grab your copy and then pick up your tickets to hear Michael headline this year’s Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival on October 14 at Washington Hebrew Congregation.

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