Who Gives?

Give_Button_2It’s the end of December,
the clock’s running down
and your inbox has pleas
from each non-profit in town.

“We need your donation!”
“Make your year-end gift now!”
“Our mission relies on you,
Don’t let us down!”

We aim for your wallet,
Via the head-to-heart axis,
And if that doesn’t work
Well, it helps with your taxes.

From charities and orgs
The appeals, they are legion
Theaters, schools, causes
From all over the region.

Each cause it is worthy
But the asks are so many
One might click “delete”
And give no one a penny.

But please take pause,
Before going back to your biz,
To answer the cynic,
Who’s snarking, “Who gives?”

Who gives matters more,
Than how much or how little
From the upper most classes
To those of us in the middle.

For behind all the asks,
Beyond the quotes from Hillel,
Are people and causes
Just trying to do well.

To make the world better
More beautiful, more healthy,
To make sure that 100% of us
Are spiritually wealthy.

Here’s the inevitable pitch:
(It should come as no shock)
We’re asking for money,
On the 2012 clock.

The gifts will still matter,
Made in January or June.
But we’re asking today,
So we hope you give soon.

Given to us or elsewhere
End-of-year asks are sincere
The need goes on long
After 2012 disappears.

So pardon the pile-on,
Do-gooders need cash too.
It’s part of the job
We don’t like it any more than you.

So Happy New Year.
Thanks for paying attention.
We’re lucky to do what we do,
And for the DCJCC’s mission.

(Did we mention gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law?)

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