New Podcast: Parveneh Vahidmanesh and Hasan Sarbakhshian

Hear a podcast of Iranian journalists Parveneh Vahidmanesh and Hasan Sarbakhshian speaking about being forced to leave their homeland.

Writer Parveneh Vahidmanesh and photojournalist Hasan Sarbakhshian, both Muslim, were forced to flee Iran because of their efforts to document the daily lives of Iranian Jews.Moment Magazine‘s November/December 2011 issue published a selection of the 2,000 photos they brought out with them–most of which had never before been published. Join Nadine Epstein, Moment‘s editor and publisher, as she interviews Vahidmanesh and Sarbakhshian about their experiences, shares their photographs and delves into the present-day lives of the approximately 20,000 Jews remaining in Iran.

Parveneh Vahidmanesh is a program officer and human rights activist at Freedom House, where she focuses on human rights for the future of Iran.

Hasan Sarbakhshian is among Iran’s most esteemed photographers and documentary filmmakers. He’s served as a photographer for the Associated Press for over a decade.

Click to listen (podcast will begin automatically). To download as an MP3, right click and select “Save Link As.”

Iran Podcast

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