Adam Sandler at the DCJCC! (sort of)

So ever since we wrote this description for our Chanukah Carnival, I’ve had Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” in my head.

See, this is what I wrote:

Grab your socks and your yarmulke, it’s time to bounce for Chanukah. 

This year’s rockin’ Chanukah party will feature a moon bounce, games, crafts, treats and plenty of fun for the whole family.

Clever, but now it’s stuck.  So in the interest of fairness, I thought it was only right to share his song with you:

Why does this happen?  Apparently, it’s an earworm (I thought I just made that up, but it’s real, from the translation of the German Ohrwurm), and apparently women, musicians and people who are neurotic, tired or stressed are most susceptible.  It hardly seems fair.  I can’t help being female, And if you’re tired or stressed, it just seems cruel to add this.  (I can’t play an instrument, and I like to think I’m no more neurotic than the next person…)

So I suppose I’m stuck with this on my own until Chanukah actually starts on Tuesday, December 20.  For eight nights after that, the rest of the Jewish population can join me.  It’s a good song, no?

And if you want to know what started it all, join us this Sunday morning—yarmulkes not required.

Snomageddon Updates

So here’s a quick summary of where our schedule stands in lieu of the weather:

  • Pre-school and administrative offices will close at noon.
  • Nehirim Queer Shabbaton is still on. We have arranged to keep the building open for this and other Shabbat services in the building on Saturday.
  • Fitness Center is scheduled to remain open until our normal Friday closing time of 6:00 pm.
  • Kids’ Swim Classes for Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled. Make-up classes will be scheduled.
  • Interfaith Couples’ Shabbat dinner has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.
  • Rikkud DC for Sunday night has been cancelled (more due to the Super Bowl than weather)
  • The Gift Shop will be closed on Sunday

Other programs that may be affected:

  • Theater J’s performance of “The Four of Us” on Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. 
  • Kids’ Karate Classes on Sunday.
  • Group Exercise classes.
  • Soccer and Basketball leagues on Sunday.
  • Yiddish Class for Sunday evening. 

We will post new information as it becomes available.

Notice of Washington DCJCC Annual Meeting

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Ina & Jack Kay Community Hall
Washington DCJCC
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

The Washington DCJCC cordially invites its members and friends to the 23rd Annual Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 26, 2009. Board member Renay Regardie will chair the meeting. Reservations are required since space is limited.

The slate of Officers nominated for the Washington DCJCC Board of Directors are:

Robert Tracy, President
Mindy Strelitz, Senior Vice President
Daniel Hirsch, Vice President
Stephen Kelin, Vice President
Arnold Polinger, Vice President
Jon Rutenberg, Vice President
Rose Cohen, Treasurer
Amos Hochstein, Assistant Treasurer
Myrna Fawcett, Secretary

Board Members for re-nomination, 3 year terms are:

Patty Abramson
Michele G. Berman
Marion Lewin
Stephen Lachter
Jack Moskowitz
Sidney Moskowitz
Melanie Franco Nussdorf
Michael Salzberg

New Board Nominees are:

Lois Fingerhut

The installation of officers and awards presentations will take place beginning at 6:30 pm. A dessert reception will follow.

Please make your reservations with Amabda Libman (202) 777.3256. The deadline for reservations is May 22.

The Annual Meeting is supported by the Nancy Raskin Endowment Fund.

Snowpacolypse. Meh.

Okay. So the Fitness Center is opening on-time this morning. The Preschool will open at 10am. For you parents out there this means we will not accept responsibility for any child before 10am. No exceptions. The rest of our programs, including tonight’s Theater J Benefit will occur as-scheduled. And this tired CPO will be dragging his tuches into work from the ‘burbs past the homes of drowsing Montgomery County children who once again lend credence to the notion that they are constructed entirely of tissue paper.

This Week at the 16th Street J

Summer’s over, but that means things are really busy this week at the Washington DCJCC:

Tuesday, September 2

1st Day of Preschool

Sunrise Boot Camp with Elana— Rise and shine for a 6am ass-kicking workout to increase your stamina, strength and cardio-vascular endurance.

Hebrew Classes Begin— From Beginner to Advanced Conversation, take your Hebrew to the next level.

Wednesday, September 3

Prep and Plan— With the Anniversary of Katrina and Gustav bearing down on the Gulf Coast, this emergency preparedness fair is a timely opportunity to do what you can to protect yourself and your community. Sign-up for the Blood Drive and/or CPR Training.

Interfaith Couples Workshop–Our popular four-session workshop with Dr. Marion Usher has helped hundreds of interfaith couples successfully navigate the challenges and joys of bringing together two heritages in a relationship.

J-on-Demand Movie and Trivia Night: Keeping the Faith— Free beer is just one of the fringe benefits of this classic Ben Stiller/Ed Norton film and trivia explosion.

Thursday, September 4

Hunger Action— Cook and distribute meals to he homeless of DC. Our motto, “We won’t serve anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.”

Saturday, September 6

Little Flippers Swim Classes– Both 11:30 am and 12 noon sessions for 4-18 month children with caregivers.

Sunday, September 7

Fall Sports Leagues Begin– Co-ed Softball and 3-on-3 Basketball get-it-on.

Little Flippers and Little Tadpoles— Swim lessons for 4-18 month children and 3 to 5-year-olds.

If you’re looking for and can’t find it…

We’re right now migrating to a new web platform. We’re told there might be some service interruptions. That means that any service interruptions are bound to be brief. It is only when they guarantee seamless migration that not even the savviest of webaholics will notice, that service is lost for days on end.

So hit refresh often. And if all else fails, feel free to go all bricks-and-mortar on us — call us at (202) 518-9400.

This Week at the 16th Street J

Click to Register for Session IIHot Times in The City Summer Day Camp

Session II Begins Monday, June 30
Spots still available in Camp Skate, JKids and for CITs (we’ll even pro-rate if you’re reading this after Monday 6/30)

Is your kid spending the summer at Camp XBox? Get them off the couch and into the best urban camp in the country.

The Annual Washington Jewish Film Festival Friendraiser: The Debt

The DebtMonday, June 30, 7:30 pm
Join past donors to the WJFF for a great film and light reception. Meet Susan Barocas, the new director of the WJFF as it gets ready to launch its 19th edition this December.

2007, Israel, 35mm,
93 minutes, Hebrew, German and Russian with English subtitles
Director: Assaf Bernstein

This thrilling drama tells the tale of three Mossad agents who capture the “Surgeon of Birkenau”, a monstrous Nazi war criminal in 1964. The agents keep him confined to their safe house on the outskirts of Berlin awaiting further instructions to return to Israel. As they watch over the captive, a psychological duel begins between the Nazi doctor and the three young agents; leading to the doctor’s eventual escape. Unable to face their horrible failure, the agents fabricate the Surgeon’s death and return to Israel as heroes. More than thirty years later, the Surgeon resurfaces in the Ukraine, claiming he wishes to confess his crimes against humanity. Gila Almagor (Munich, In Treatment) plays the ex-Mossad agent Rachel, who must take action to protect their lie by terminating a man known to be dead and redeem the debt against which she has built her life.

Hebraica Mirrors by Matatiaou in the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery

Opens July 1 through September 30
Hebraica Mirrors by MatatiaouHebraica Mirrors includes over 60 fine prints on Arches Velum and leather parchment, representing the crossroads of contemporary design and traditional Hebrew calligraphy by the French Jewish artist Matatiaou. This universal graphic interpretation is inspired by the Zohar- the direct origin of the Kabbalah, written circa 1300. The exhibition comes to us from The Jewish Museum of Florida.

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