Book Trailer: Art Spiegelman’s Metamaus

Yesterday in the literary programming office we had a fascinating conversation on what it takes to be a literary genius. It it enough to be a master of your craft? Or do you have to do something completely groundbreaking?

We all agreed, however that whatever your definition, Art Spiegelman’s got the goods.

Legend has it that years ago when Art Spiegelman came here for Nextbook DC, he chain smoked throughout the entire lecture. This time around he’s promised to keep it smoke-free, so  I can only imagine that he’ll be covered in nicotine patches as he discusses his newest work, Metamaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus on March 26 as part of Authors Out Loud.

Jewish Artwork of the Week: Art Spiegelman’s 1993 Valentine’s Day New Yorker Cover

In honor of Tu B’av (which was yesterday), the first edition of “Jewish Artwork of the Week” is from Art Spiegelman. This cover was from the February 15, 1993 issue of the New Yorker.

Known primarily for his Pulitzer Prize wining graphic novel, Maus, Spiegelman has become a recognized figure in both the art and comic book world. In addition to drawing comics, Spiegelman worked for over ten years as an artist for the New Yorker. He created some of the magazines most-loved covers, including the one for the September 24, 2001 issue.

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