What is Light Anyway?

In “light” of the fact that the new year has begun, I have a question about the Biblical creation story.

How could God have created “light” on the first day if the sun was created on the 4th day?

Perhaps the light here is not a physical light but rather the light of curiosity, intelligence or awareness. Perhaps what God created on the first day was the power to ask a question in the first place.

How timely that the J is beginning it’s next round of Introduction to Judaism classes right at this time of year. This class is not a “how to” or a top down explanation of the Jewish faith. Rather it focuses on the “whys” of Jewish religion, philosohy, and practice – and fosters an environment guided by and committed to questions.

In this season of beginnings, join us to explore some the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Perhaps you may shed some light on your own knowledge and relationship to Judaism.

This Week at the 16th Street J

A sampling of some of what’s on-offer this week at the Washington DCJCC…

The Champagne SpyMonday, March 3–The Screening Room Presents: The Champagne Spy. An amazing but true story of a Mossad agent who never really ever came in from the cold. On assignment in Cairo posing as an ex-Nazi billionaire, Wolfgang Lotz became so enmeshed in his new identity that he never returned to his family again–even to the point of marrying a woman he met in Cairo. Told through the eyes of his son Oded, Lotz’s legacy is viewed from the perspective of the family he left behind.

Tuesday, March 4Shalom Hanoch in concert at the Lisner Auditorium. One of the biggest legends in Israeli rock comes to DC.

Tuesday, March 4–A new session of Hebrew Classes begins. With five levels to choose from, there’s never been a better time to start learning from aleph or brush up on your ivrit.

Tuesday, March 4Learn how to play Mah Jongg in a four week class that will take you from rookie to maven in no time. This isn’t your bubbe’s Mah Jongg!

Wednesday, March 5Speak Out! A Public Speaking Workshop with Sarah Gershman. Want to improve your presentation skills for work and life? This workshop will help you overcome anxiety and develop stage presence.

Thursday, March 6Jews in Jazz with Larry Appelbaum. From Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw to John Zorn and Anat Cohen, Jews have not only been a presence in this most uniquely American music form, but they have brought a Jewish influence to the form. Library of Congress Senior Studio Engineer and jazz specialist Larry Appelbaum returns to the 16th Street J with this four week class that covers the history of Jews in Jazz from the 1920s right up to the current wave of Israeli jazz musicians. This class has been cancelled.

Saturday, March 8–Theater J’s $25 Preview of The Price by Arthur Miller, starring Robert Prosky, John Prosky and Andrew Prosky. This scorching, three-time Tony Award nominee for The Price by Arthur Miller, starring Robert Proskydrama features beloved DC treasure, Robert Prosky, alongside his two sons for the very first time on a DC stage. A pay-what-you-can preview is also available on Sunday, March 9 at the 7:30 pm performance only and again on Tuesday, March 11. The show runs through April 18.

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