DCJCC Summer Softball League – Champions and All-Stars

This past weekend saw the conclusion of the Washington DCJCC’s Summer Softball League. Champions were crowned in Division A: “Bats, Balls and Shmear” captained by Jason Fasteau and Division B: “Muddy Bagels” captained by Steve Mirman. Registration is underway now for fall leagues in softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and bowling.

The softball season ended with an All-Star Game between the team captains from the two divisions — enjoy the following pictures, which to me, are the essence of a summer day.

We Want To Give You The Best Damn Jewish Sports League. Period.

Best Damn Jewish Sports LeagueAllow us to acknowledge the proverbial elephant in our communal room.

Tomorrow, the Washington Jewish Week will be running an article about the formation of a new organization created to run Jewish sports leagues in the Washington-area. The group is headed by some former participants in the Washington DCJCC softball league who, unhappy with their experiences with us over the past season, have decided that they can do better. And hey, that’s probably good for all of us. Our capitalist system depends on competition. It’s American.

We acknowledge that we allowed the administration of our softball league to fall below our standards. We’ve made staffing changes to address this failure and given our new Leagues Director the mandate and authority to make improvements beginning immediately. To begin with, we’re offering a significant discount for those who register for our co-ed softball league prior to March 1. A lot of people have already taken advantage of this offer, so perhaps you should think about it too. Other specific areas we’d want you to consider include:

  • Beautiful, manicured fields for play
  • A revitalized Task Force designed to aid in the effective administration of the League
  • Three levels of play, including a NEW Social League with a more equitable 6-to-4 male/female ratio
  • A developing Social Committee, for those interested in brainstorming fun social events for the League
  • A league-wide “Happy Hour” in late March to open the season, with others to follow
  • An up-to-date League Website, updated every Monday with scores, standings, and schedules
  • NEW “Early Bird” rates for those signing up prior to March 1
  • NEW 35% discount for full-time students

This is our 25th year running our softball league. We weren’t the only softball league in town when we started, and we’re not the only softball league in town now. New competition for sports league participants is something we welcome, because it pushes us out of complacency and back in the direction of excellence. If we became too comfortable in our niche, that’s a mistake we’ll have to learn from. But more than learning, we’re working right now to make our 25th season our best ever.

Sign up now. Or if you still have questions, contact Mark Gray-Mendes.

Washington DCJCC Sports Leagues: Spring Training Begins Now

DCJCC Sports Leagues

Pitchers and catchers have been reporting. The Grapefruit and Cactus leagues will begin their exhibition games next week (the Nationals demonstrate their competitive ambitions by taking on the squad from Georgetown University on Feb. 28). Yes. Snow is falling even as I type this. Yes. The glaciers will be upon us by Friday. But these are but momentary meteorological distractions, because spring is on the way. We know this for certain because registration for the 16th Street J’s DC Spring Sports leagues is underway. The best news is that in the J’s co-ed softball league, we still have no policy regarding testing for HGH (last I checked there was also no testing in the co-ed outdoor soccer league either).

We’re in our 25th year of bringing people together to build a stronger community through recreation, and we have leagues for adults of all ages and skill levels!  Join one of our basketball, softball, volleyball, and bowling leagues either with your friends or as an individual – teams are forming right now!  Great discounts are available for seniors, college students, and 16th Street J Fitness Members, as well as for those who sign up before March 1! 

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas for a new league?  Email Mark Gray-Mendes, Director of Sports Leagues or call (202) 777-3279.

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