Shabbat Surfing: What’s New?

Suze Orman thinks you should be going to a cool Jewish summer camp.
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Shana tova!

We’re days away from the Jewish New Year and it seemed the right time to focus on all things both Jewish and new.

Because it’s hard to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Suze Orman just making lanyards…
New Camp: Four new Jewish summer camps are gearing up to create more memorable overnight camp experiences for underserved populations, thanks to the Foundation for Jewish Camp, in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, sports, and science and technology.

Because it’s about time…
New Name: “Jew Pond” in New Hampshire, named as a pejorative in the 1920s when the hotel to which it was connected was bought by two Jewish businessmen from Boston, has been officially renamed Carleton Pond.

Because sexism and agism are so passe…
New Shofar Blowers: DC Congregations, including Adas Israel and Tifereth Israel, are seeing more and more women, plus young and older adults who want to blow the shofar, and are learning for these High Holidays.

Because we notice when one of the oldest Jewish communities in the Middle East is denied the right to worship…
New Place Without a Minyan: “For the first time in some 2,000 years, Alexandria [Egypt] will not have a minyan,” as Egyptian authorities cancel services at Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue and deny visas.

Because welcoming all Jewish families is a core value…
New Info on Interfaith Families: With interfaith relationships making up a not-insignificant amount of the Jewish community, new survey data helps Jewish organizations engage these families, who are looking for outlandish things like a welcoming attitude, invitations to learn about Judaism, and events for interfaith families.


What We’re Listening To: Lucette Lagnado and Once Upon a Time

The fantastic Lucette Lagnado on the lost Jewish culture of Cairo:

“I’m so haunted by it. It’s sort of become the core of my life and my research, that once upon a time there was an Arab culture where Jews and Christians and Muslims worked together and socialized together and went to school together. And come the end of the week, they would go to pray in their respective houses of worship.”

NPR interview, September 17, 2011
‘The Arrogant Years’: An Egyptian Family in Exile

Listen to the full (six and a half minute) interview here, and then come talk to Lagnado yourself on Wednesday night, when she’ll be here for the Closing Night festivities of the Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival.


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