Complete Discussion of “Lansky to Madoff: Talking About Jewish Criminals”

As promised, below you will find links to either stream or download the entire Rapid Responsa. Just a little reminder that this event as well as the Podcast are free to you, but not free for the Washington DCJCC to produce. Given that we’re living through the era of Madoff and AIG, consider making an online gift to support the programs both virtual and real, of the Washington DCJCC.

To re-set the scene: On March 12, we had a great discussion as part of our Rapid Responsa series entitled, “From Meyer Lansky to Bernie Madoff: Talking About Jewish Criminals.” Over 150 people turned out on the very day of Bernie Madoff’s guilty plea to discuss prominent Jewish criminals past and present. On the panel that evening were attorney Abbe Lowell, writer Susan Fishman-Orlins and Professor Gery Kauvar. We’ve made available below a recording of the entire discussion which is broken down into two parts. Both parts will eventually be available as podcasts on iTunes.

Just a note: the recording is edited, as some people chose not to ask their questions with the microphone, resulting in some long empty silences which we have excised in the name of brevity and maintaining your interest.

Part 1:
Part 2:

You can download both parts as an MP3 by right-clicking on each link below and saving to your computer:

Part 1

Part 2

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