Why Our Preschoolers Phrase Their Answers in the Form of a Question

by Mark Spira, Chief Development Officer

Leslie HurdThe Washington DCJCC always knew it had one of the best and brightest preschool staffs around, but now you can see for yourself. Wednesday night at 7:30 preschool teacher Leslie Hurd will make her debut on Jeopardy on WJLA Channel 7.

That’s right, she’s on the long-running granddaddy of all game shows and the one most people judge their own useless font of knowledge against. Leslie not only made the cut but spends her days in a classroom proving that all that knowledge is a good thing—especially when you are trying to hold the attention of a group of 2 and 3-year-olds.

Due to strict confidentiality clauses we don’t know what happened, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of the JCC—staff, parents, toddlers—from trying to pry tidbits out of Leslie since she returned from L.A.– but to no avail. So we will all tune-in Wednesday night to find out how she did, what she wore, whether she got to make it a true daily double, and what exciting anecdote she shared with Alex after the first commercial break

And once it is on the air we can even get an answer to the biggest question of all from Leslie, is Alex Trebek really a robot and how many people does it take to operate his animatronic features?

(Oh, by the way, don’t worry mcrosenthal, it’s on 30 minutes BEFORE the Olympics so you won’t miss any medal events or stories about the hard-scrabble slalom skier who learned his craft by skiing in-between trains on his way to school from his chalet as a disadvantaged youngster growing up on the mean straßes of the Swiss Alps.)

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