October Member of the Month: Earl Eustler

Earl Eustler, our October Member of the MonthName:  Earl Eustler
Neighborhood:  Mount Pleasant 
How Long Have You Been a Member: 5 years 
Favorite time to work out and why:  3 pm – the staff is friendliest then. 
Favorite Piece of Equipment:  Water cooler 
Fitness Media:  Listening to my Discman, reading Flex Magazine.
Are you a Social Exerciser or do you seek Fitness Solitude?  I’ve been known to chat about a bit. 
Exercise peeve:  TBS re-runs of Charmed & Law & Order 
Fitness goal:  Stronger wrists 
Favorite J moment:  Judah Friedlander doing stand-up comedy.

September Member of the Month: Elizabeth Dayton

Name: Elizabeth Dayton

Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

How long have you been a member?: 1 year

Favorite time to work out: Mid-afternoon for a break from studying!

Favorite piece of equipment: Treadmill

Fitness media: I usually read text books for school, but at the gym, magazines are my guilty pleasure.

Are you a Social Exerciser or do you seek Fitness Solitude?: Fitness Solitude!

Fitness goal: To live to be 1001!

Favorite J moment: When the preschool kids go for their walk.

August Member of the Month: Jonathan Sicherman

Jonathan Sicherman

A new feature where we recognize the members that make the 16th Street J like no other place.

Name: Jonathan Sicherman

Neighborhood: Georgetown

How Long Have You Been a Member: I’ve been a member here for 1 year, but a member of other Jewish Community Centers since I was a kid.

Favorite time to work out and why:  The middle of the afternoon is best because I have the whole gym to myself!

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Bench press

Fitness Media: iPod – “Eye of the Tiger”

Are you a Social Exerciser or do you seek Fitness Solitude? Fitness solitude!

Exercise peeve:  I don’t like it when someone takes my machine.

Fitness goal: To maintain my buff body! (laughs)

Favorite J moment: Interacting with the fantastic JCC fitness staff, lunchtime basketball and winning two basketball championships.

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