Funny, You Do Look Jewish – Saturday, In Memory of Ann Loeb Bronfman

Living in Washington since 1985, Ann Loeb Bronfman (z”l) was a champion of the arts and a philanthropist to many causes until she passed away in April 2011.  Her philanthropy at the Washington DCJCC including the establishment of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery during the renovation of the Washington DCJCC’s historic home at 16th and Q Streets. To honor her memory and continue her legacy of providing culture and arts to the community, the Washington DCJCC has established an annual lecture  focusing on women working in the visual arts —spanning both the Jewish community and secular art world.

This year’s esteemed guest lecturer is Robin Cembalest, executive editor of ARTnews Magazine and the galleries columnist at Tablet. She will be discussing historical and contemporary Jewish artists and what makes their art Jewish: Funny, You Do Look Jewish. She will also be discussing her career as a Jewish art journalist, covering both Jewish and non-Jewish art. Her lecture will be followed by a reception.

Robin Cembalest is a native of Long Island and a graduate of Yale. She has written extensively on art and culture for The Forward (where she was arts editor), The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Observer, and many other publications. A veteran editor and writer on Jewish art and culture, she has covered subjects ranging from ancient mosaics in Israel to Barbie’s Jewish roots.

We are looking forward to lively exchanges, including when we try to figure out, exactly what is Jewish art?

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