Film Trailer: The Rescuers

From the desk of Susan Barocas, Director of the Washington Jewish Film Festival

We’ve been working ‘round the clock on the great programming for this year’s Washington Jewish Film Festival. I’m so excited that Opening Night is only a few days away! One of the programs I’m thinking about a lot is THE RESCUERS on Saturday Dec. 3 at 6:15 screening here at the DCJCC. We are looking forward to having with us Stephanie Nyombayire, an extraordinary young anti-genocide activist from Rwanda. The film follows her and historian Sir Martin Gilbert as they explore some of the extraordinary acts of goodness that occurred in the face of the Nazi Death camps, and what can be done to deter future genocides. The film is so inspiring, and is an excellent introduction to this difficult subject for young people (11 and up). I highly recommend it!  Here’s the trailer:

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