Shabbat Surfing: DC Chefs Go Kosher

DC is known for many things–but not for it’s glut of kosher restaurant options (currently the District boasts all of two, including our own Distrikt Bistro). That’s why this April 3 is so special. This year the DCJCC’s annual gala features some of DC’s hottest chefs as they take a fresh look at traditional Jewish cuisine. We’re  honored to be featuring some of the finest chefs in town:

Chef Phillip Blane’s Unum Restaurant was recently featured by Tom Sietsema in his Washington Post review. Readers have ranked it 4/4 stars and we’re all looking forward to visiting his tasting station.

Chef Tony Chittum’s Vermilion hosted the Obamas for Valentine’s Day dinner last month. Presidential Seal of Approval!

Greg Engert, Beer Director of Neighborhood Restaurant Group (which owns Birch and Barley, right in the J’s neighborhood!), is a James Beard Award semi-finalist for Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional. He’ll be joining us to provide some outstanding pairings for our chefs’ original creations.

Chef Todd Gray of Equinox took home the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington’s 2011 Chef of the Year RAMMY Award. We’re honored that he’ll be joining us again this year and are anxiously awaiting his reinvented Jewish classic.

With this sampling of culinary achievement, we’re counting down the days until the Gala. Stay tuned for more news on the second half of our featured chefs.

Thanks: A DC Poem

For U.S.A. chagim
We love July Fourth
Memorial Day’s meaning
And Labor Day’s worth
Veteran’s Day’s solemn
MLK Day’s inspiring
Columbus Day is about an explorer not tiring
But of all of these days
When our offices rest,
We all should agree
That Thanksgiving’s the best.

It’s the food
It’s the family
It’s an ancestral vision
Even though most of us
Aren’t related to Pilgrims
So with belly’s a-swollen
With victuals digestible
Here are some of the figures
That we thank at our table

We’re thankful for donors,
Volunteers and teachers,
Subscribers, new members
And fitness goal reachers.
We’re thankful for films
For Authorial speakers
For treadmill addicts
Who wear-out their sneakers.
We’re thankful for Circles,
Scott, Dupont and Logan
Thanks for the ‘hood
Someone named “Borderstan

Of course we are thankful
for our partners, Federation.
For synagogue rabbis
And all congregations:
Like Bet Mish and Micah
DC Minyan and Adas
Wash-Hebrew and T.I.
With religious org status
Kesher, Sinai, Ohev
For the ‘gogue on Sixth Street
Rosh Pina and wherever more than
10 Jews can meet

Thank you Vince Gray
And to the government of DC
From our rep Jack Evans
To our local ANC.
For the folks on the Hill,
Boehner, Cantor and Reid,
It not just thanks
But a deal that you need.
Once the debt deal is done
Or before if you’re open,
Thanks, please give a vote
To Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Thanks for Obama,
And Mitt and Newt too,
We’ll see who’s most thankful
In Twenty, One-Two.
And Occupy K Street
And Tea Party Nation
And David Petraeus
And Alex Ovechkin.

Thanks to the Nats,
The Skins and the Caps
The Wizards get thanks
When the lockout gets scrapped.
So thanks to Rex Grossman,
Davey Johnson, Mike Rizzo
The Shanahan clan,
And bald Bruce Boudreau.

Thanks Michael Kaiser
A toast to Todd Gray
Thanks Reggie Love,
Who is going away.
Thanks City Paper and
The Post’s Reliable Source
Thanks weather-guy Bob Ryan
And Nat’s Slugger Mike Morse.

Thanks Wale, thanks Kojo
Thanks Hilda Solis
Thanks Justice Kagan
And the Metro Police.
Thanks Dr. Jill Biden,
And George Pelecanos,
Thanks Ezra Klein
Welcome home Wilson Ramos.

Give thanks for the thanks
That you know that you’re due.
Give thanks for the J
Cause we give thanks for you.

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