This is the official program blog of the 16th Street J.

The blog is maintained and edited by Lili Kalish Gersch, Director of Literary, Music & Dance Programming; and Halley Cohen, Director of GLOE – Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach & Engagement. The opinions and views expressed on this site belong to the individual author(s) of the specifc posts and comments–and do not represent the views or opinions of the Washington DCJCC, its Board of Directors, employees, donors or members.

Contact us at: info [at] washingtondcjcc.org

One Response

  1. Hello,

    I really enjoy your blog (especially the cheesy Jewish humor). Keep up the great work.

    My name is Drew Chafetz, and I’m a 25-year old DC native (born in NW!). I co-founded a nonprofit organization called love.fútbol (www.lovefutbol.org) with the mission to develop simple and safe soccer fields for children in impoverished communities worldwide. We envision a day when all children have the opportunity to fulfill their passion for soccer–the game is a catalyst for youth development, hope and inspiration.

    Our projects are completely community driven and we developed three soccer fields in three separate communities during our pilot project in Guatemala last year.

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you in the hope that we could stay in contact throughout our respective projects. We’re trying to get the word out about a really exciting project we’re involved with. Once again, congratulations on all of your blogging success, and let me know if I can be of any help.

    Drew Chafetz

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